Water Leak Adjustment

El Paso Water is committed to conservation and protecting our water supply.  To incentivize speedy repairs of home or business water leaks, EPWater offers an adjustment on your water bill to eligible customers.

Adjustments only cover “lost” water and do not cover repairs.

To be eligible for his program, you must:

  • Be an El Paso Water account holder
  • Have a leak that increases consumption by more than 10 ccfs
  • Have a hidden leak, such as behind a wall, underground, or under foundation.
  • Be able to provide details of repair and show reduced consumption in a subsequent month after leak occurred.

To request an adjustment:

  • Submit an email request for a leak adjustment within 60 days of the repair to [email protected]
  • Within the email, provide the account number and property service address and Tax ID if customer is a business
  • Provide the date, details of the leak, description of repairs made
  • Provide a range of high bill dates caused by the leak and attach a bill showing consumption has dropped to normal usage

Adjustment details:

  • A maximum of two consecutive monthly bills may be covered by a single adjustment
  • An adjustment will equal 50 percent of the difference above standard use of same billing cycle a year ago
  • Any adjustment will be applied directly to your account on the next billing cycle after approved by EPWater
  • The water leak adjustment is limited to one in a rolling 24-month period

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of leak may qualify for a water leak repair adjustment?

Hidden leaks, such as those behind a wall or under a foundation or behind a wall may qualify for a leak adjustment.

Why would I not qualify for a water leak repair adjustment?

Your account may not qualify for a water leak repair adjustment if during the high-water volume period you filled a swimming pool, established a new landscape, or received a water leak adjustment in the previous 24 months.  You may not qualify because the water loss was not more than 10 ccfs. 

How will my bill be adjusted?

If eligible, up to two consecutive billing periods affected by the leak may receive an adjustment equal to 50 percent of the difference above the water use based on a baseline of consumption of the same months last year.  The adjustment only applies to the water portion of your bill and does not impact wastewater, stormwater or environmental services fees.

Do I need to provide proof of repairs to receive a leak adjustment?

We welcome receipts or a statement of repairs. The utility will use the consumption following the month when the leak occurred to verify that the consumption has gone down to normal levels.

How quickly will my account be credited after I submit the request?

Once the leak adjustment is calculated and approved, it will typically be credited to your account within 5-10 business days.

Do I need to pay my bill while I am waiting for a leak adjustment to be approved?

Yes, you should always attempt to make a payment while your leak adjustment is pending approval. If the balance is very high due to the leak, we recommend customers pay the amount of a three-month average before the leak occurred.

Do I have to accept a leak adjustment once it is calculated?

No, there might be an occasion when you may not want to accept a leak adjustment. If the leak adjustment is minimal, you might want to consider not taking the adjustment due to the 24-month waiting period. Once the adjustment is entered to your account you will have to wait 24 months before you can qualify for another leak adjustment.

How can I check for leaks

Leaks can be difficult to find, but they can also happen right in front of us if we don’t know what to look for. Use the checklist to identify and fix leaks and problems as soon as possible.

What should I do if I see a visible leak?

If you see a visible leak, try and isolate the leak and make the repair or call a plumber to help. If you cannot isolate the leak, as a temporary measure, consider turning off the valve at the meter to reduce a possible high bill. You can turn it back on as needed.

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