Citation FAQ

My written warning states I have to repair a leak. How long do I have for repairs?

You have five working days to repair a leak. If you are unable to repair within the five days, it is the customer’s responsibility to call the El Paso Water Conservation Department at (915) 594-5508 to request an extension.


I received a warning. Will a Code Compliance Officer come back to check on my residence?

A Code Compliance Officer will re-visit a warning only if they require you to repair fixtures, irrigation schedule, and/or make the necessary changes that stop the wasting water that is defined in Chapter 15.13 - WATER CONSERVATION | Code of Ordinances | El Paso, TX | Municode Library. (Ord. 15.13.030)



I have just received a Class C misdemeanor citation. What does this mean?

A trained Code Compliance Officer has observed a violation of the city's water conservation ordinance at your residence or place of business.


Will the citation be on my record?

Yes, once you receive a citation it will be on record at the Records Division of the El Paso Police Department.


What happens next?

You must appear at an arraignment hearing stated on your citation at El Paso Municipal Court’s Northeast site, 9600 Dyer St, El Paso, TX 79924 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


What is an arraignment hearing?

An arraignment is your first appearance before a judge. It is the court date the officer assigned to you when your ticket was issued. The date is at the top of your ticket, above your signature, where you promised to appear on that date and time.


Where can I go to pay for this citation?

Please visit The City of El Paso website to see payment options under Fines and Payments.

I paid my citation. Do I still have to appear at my arraignment hearing?

No, once the citation has been paid you no longer need to appear at your arraignment. We recommend keeping a copy of citation and receipt of payment for your records.


What is the Water Conservation Ordinance?

Visit El Paso Water's Conservation Ordinance page here for information on restrictions.


How do I report a water restriction violation?

To report a violation call (915) 594-5508.


How can I conserve more water at home?

For information on how you can make a difference and conserve water visit our Conservation page here.

I found a blue hanger on my door what does that mean?

You were observed violating the Water Conservation Ordinance for:

  • Watering on the wrong day
    • EVEN number addresses are permitted to water on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
    • ODD numbered addresses are permitted to water on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday
  • Watering at the wrong time of day
    • From April 1 to September 30, watering is prohibited between 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Washing your vehicle
    • Use the hose only for quick rinses and be sure it has a positive shut-off nozzle.
  • Water was observed flowing into the street
    • This is a waste of water which can be a traffic safety hazard and cause damage to the street pavement.
  • You have a water leak
    • Leaks need to be repaired within five working days.

What if I am unable to fix my water leak within five working days?

If you are unable to fix a water leak within five working days, you must call El Paso Water's Conservation Department at (915) 594-5508 to request an extension.


What is a water landscape-watering permit?

These permits allow the customer to water as needed; however, water is never allowed to run into the street. It is the customer's responsibility to call the Water Conservation Department at (915) 594-5508 to request permits.

Landscape Watering Permits:

  • 30-day period for establishment of new lawns.
  • One-day permits are granted for the application of either chemicals or fertilizer.

Landscape permits and chemical permits will be limited when drought restrictions are in effect.

What is a water variance?

If a customer desires a change in irrigation days and hours, it is the customer's responsibility to apply for a variance and demonstrate hardship by contacting the Water Conservation Department at (915) 594-5508.

A Review Board can modify established schedules or approve requests for variances. Variances are based on the Review Board's recommendations and are usually granted to customers that, because of age or health, depend on someone else to do yard work, or for those out-dated irrigation systems that can't irrigate within the allotted time.

All variances are discontinued during water emergencies and drought Stages 2 and 3.


I have a watering variance and permit why did I receive this?

Please disregard the notice if a watering permit was recently issued.


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