Kay Bailey Hutchison WTP


  • Located at 10751 Montana Ave. (79935)
  • Operational in 2007
  • Capable of producing 27.5 MGD of fresh water daily


Plant Function

Kay Bailey Hutchinson WTP

The desalination plant uses reverse osmosis to transform brackish water into fresh drinking water. Through a pressurized process, raw water passes through fine membranes that separate salts and other contaminants from the water. Approximately 83 percent of the water is recovered while the remainder is produced as a concentrate. The permeate, or desalted water, is piped to a storage tank for distribution and the concentrate is disposed through deep-well injection. 


Area(s) Served

East El Paso



Located next door to the KBH Desalination Plant, is Critical Materials Corporation (CMC), which will recover minerals discharged in wastewater from the desalination plant. This gives El Paso Water a more cost-effective option for wastewater disposal and increases future production capacity at the desalination plant. 

KBH Source Water Augmentation Parallel Pipeline Project

In 2020, EPWater completed a feasibility report to eventually expand the plant’s capacity by another 15 MGD – reaching a maximum of 42 MGD – and serving an additional 100,000 customers. The first phase began in July 2021 and includes the rehabilitation of eight wells and replacement of reverse osmosis membranes to improve plant function. In the next few years, seven miles of new underground piping will be installed from east of Loop 375, connecting the newly rehabilitated wells to the desalination plant.


Awards Received

  • Membrane Facility Excellence Award – American  American Membrane Technology Association
  • Eminent Conceptor Award – Texas Council of Engineering Companies
  • Honor Award – American Council of Engineering Companies
  • Superior Achievement Award – American Academy of Environmental Engineers
  • Desalination Project of the Year – WateReuse Association
  • Innovative or Proactive Water System Award – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • In 2016, the KBH received Outstanding Large Membrane Plant Award in recognition of outstanding Plant Operations & Maintenance
  • In 2016, the South Central Membrane Association (SCMA) awarded first place to KBH in the Best Tasting Membrane competition


Interesting Facts

It is the world's largest inland desalination plant and hosts international visitors on a regular basis.


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