Roberto Bustamante WWTP


  • Located at 10001 Pan American Dr. (79927)
  • Operational in 1991
  • 39 MGD Treated/Distributed

Plant Function

Roberto Bustamante WWTP

This plant is designed to treat wastewater and return clean water to the Riverside Canal or Riverside Drain. Discharges to the Riverside Canal are used chiefly for irrigation purposes. Discharges to the Riverside Drain go mainly to the Rio Bosque Wetlands Preserve, where they help maintain and sustain the aquatic habitat required by the diverse animal and plant species present.

The plant utilizes state-of-the-art extended aeration activated sludge processes, biological nitrification and caustic air scrubbers for odor control.


Area(s) Served

East and Southeast El Paso



Between 2003-2016, the plant has undergone several upgrades: construction of the lift station including the raw pumps and bar screens, the megawatt cogeneration system and the SCADA system. Each addition made is vital to the plant's operation.


Awards Received

  • In 1994, the plant received second place in the national USEPA Operations and Maintenance Excellence Awards.
  • The plant has received 16 Gold and 5 Silver Peak Performance NACWA Awards since 1997.
  • In 2002, the plant was one of 17 Platinum Award recipients in the nation for five consecutive years of perfect permit compliance.
  • In 2005, the plant won the Water Environment Association of Texas Plant of the Year Award.


Interesting Facts

The plant also has the capability to provide reclaimed water to industries in the Riverside Industrial Park.

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