Jonathan Rogers WTP


  • Located at 10001 Pan American Dr. (79927)
  • Operational in 1993, expanded in 2002
  • 60 MGD capacity (40 initially, 20 added in 2002)


Plant Function

Jonathan Rogers Plant WTP

This plant treats Rio Grande water to drinking water standards for distribution to El Paso Water's wholesale and retail customers.

The plant uses a physical process for screening, sedimentation and granular activated carbon filtration. The chemical process at the plant involves chemical clarification, re-carbonation and chlorine disinfection.  


Area(s) Served

Far East El Paso and the Lower Valley Water District



In 2002, EPWater received a $14.9 million Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant through the Border Environment Cooperation Commission and North American Development Bank (NADBank) for an expansion that increased the plant’s water treatment capacity by 50 percent.


Awards Received

  • In 2016, received the AWWA Partnership for Safe Water 10-Year Director’s award of recognition.
  • Annually receives a Superior Water System ranking by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.


Interesting Facts

EPWater’s total surface water supply capability is 100 MGD, which represents more than 50 percent of the total annual water demand. This plant, along with the Robertson/Umbenhauer Water Treatment Plant operate during the seven-month irrigation season when Rio Grande Project water is available.


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